About Us

Who are we and what is our history?

Margate Independent Foodbank CIC was formed in July 2020 to combat food poverty and support families in Margate and the surrounding area. In our first year we gave out 5,500 parcels at the door and delivered another 5,750 – from our then base in Union Church, Margate.

In April 2022 things changed and we were given four weeks to find a new home. We tried our hardest, but finding somewhere suitable to carry on the food bank proved impossible. So we took a different approach – the community shop.

MiCommunity Shop was formed. Our first shop was in Duke Street, where we stayed for one year before moving to our current High Street location, which has gone from strength to strength. So much so that we decided to open our second Cliftonville shop in October 2023.

We estimate that we have given out over 13,500 free food parcels.

Meet the founders

Find out more about our founders, John Finnegan and Darryn de la Soul

John Finnegan

John oversees the stock, grants and day to day running of the Foodbank and often spends most of his week working behind the scenes. When asked why he does what he does, John, who is also a part time accountant, says ‘they’re finding it hard to pay their rent and feed their children. If I don’t do it who will?’

Darryn de la Soul

Darryn oversees deliveries, logistics and grant applications. As a sound engineer, all Darryn’s work came to a standstill during lockdown. She started a foodbank because she did not want to sit around doing nothing during lockdown and feels that her role at the food bank uses all her logistics skills.

Darryn says ‘This experience has set me on fire! In the best possible way. Despite the fact I’m in great financial difficulties myself at this time, I have never felt more alive and more filled with purpose. It feels like I’ve found my Calling!’

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